AI-based Glia raised $45M at a $1B Valuation led by Insight Partners

As the world demands more technological advancements, AI-based customer service is building up a market in vogue. Glia, which develops AI-based customer service solutions, has recently closed a series D funding of $45M, contributing to the company’s total valuation of over $1B.

The company’s AI-based customer solutions benefit the agents by allowing them to build a conversation with customers through a plethora of mediums, including voice, video, emails, messaging, chatbots, and screen sharing, to offer direct help to the users. glia aibased 45m series 1b. Although customers still prefer dialing the customer service number and speaking to a service executive, a blended mode which also includes screen share has caught the attention and interest of the investors.

The funding of this new round was led by Insight Partners, accompanied by Wildcat Capital Management and RingCentral. Wildcat and Insight previously backed the company when Glia raised $78M through Series C in January 2021.

The offering of CMR tools to the finance sector has led to the establishment of the company’s name. Its customers include more than 250 financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, credit unions, and many more, who use the company’s tool to excel in customer service, which is invariably linked with sales nowadays.

The founders of the company, Justin DiPietro, Carlos Paniagua, and Dan Michaeli, who is also Glia’s CEO, informed that the major push to this business came as a result of the pandemic. glia insight partnerswiggersventurebeat. With the world going online and so as a business, customer support got more digital, giving way to an overall increase in revenue of up to 150% in a year from 2020 to 2021.

The company plans to develop more AI tools and analytics to make customer service more advanced, both for the essential help and queries of the customer and to screen share their problems to navigate them towards successfully fixing the issue. The company claims to have managed over 10 billion conversations, making room for beneficial data that becomes smooth for the development and training of the algorithms of machine learning. Moreover, investments will also include advancements in video solutions, voice, and messaging.